Environment :

1% for the planet

EPHEMERA SARL (mark field & fish) is a member of the organisation 1% for the planet therefore we will donate 1% of our turnover to organisations working to improve our environmenent who are themselves authorised to receive these gifts.

EPHEMERA helped in particular SOS Loire living and the Foundation for Wild Rivers. The 1% is a significant effort on the one hand because we donate that amount that our results are good or not so good .... For us, it is a kind of voluntary environmental tax that we impose to contribute to maintaining or restoring the quality of our rivers are our main economic reason to exist without them, no fishing .... If you are looking for on the site of 1% for the planet French companies sector of sport fishing adherent , you will find that we are the only French company to perform the 1%.

field & fish chose to donate this 1% to the bottom for the conservation of wild rivers. And as such, participates directly in the protection of our rivers and our fish ...


The fabrics we use for our technical products have a label BlueSign.

BlueSign Switzerland is an independent certifying that the production of environmentally friendly fabrics, the health of those who produce and the health of those who use these products. This certificate covers all stages of production and treatment options.

This label is the most restrictive in terms of compliance with these environmental rules and in particular, it covers all the items requested by the European eco-label.

No Plastic Packaging

As you may have noticed if you have bought our products, we do not ship our clothes packed in disposable plastic bags but mesh that can be used to transport your clothes & field fish or other objects.  
This currently saves 4500-5000 per year in plastic packaging, hoping that this figure will rise...

Recycled Materials

We use as much as we can Repreve fabrics

This label certifies that the fabric from recycled materials used. These materials are the basis for recycling plastic bottles but also includes waste plastics from the different production processes and increasing the recycling of used clothing.